🚀 New Features, Upgrades & Bug Fixes



I know in trying to send a PM the forum froze and wouldn’t fully send on my end.


Yikes, definitely memory usage is up which might be the problem. We have a lot more guests visiting and their page views are crazy! After I check off the custom code and find it’s not the problem, I’m upping the memory to see if that works for sure.


Whoohoo, I think 100% of the mobile style bugs have been fixed! :iphone:


I’ve just updated the current theme to Color Burst! v1.1 with many improvements!

We have a new re-ordered Home page for all devices (Desktop, Tablet & Phone) with a focus on the latest Topics first, new Read and My Posts pages on Home, new post icons for high liked and viewed to stand out, new Sub-Category Boxes on top of Category pages, Tags supported on Topics, display of guests within Who’s Online, image header is randomizing photos properly and a few new additions in the header as well!

Chat Box has ton of new features including Categories, Group chats & Direct Messages, all in a re-designed view!

Plus a bunch of minor style tweaks to make sure everything is uniform between all devices, for the Home page, Topics & Chat Box.



Loving the continued updates, honestly. I just wish, honestly, the front wasn’t so slim. Maybe install a way for those to choose a “full width” option for those with larger screens?


Just updated our software to the last build to fix a few reported bugs, no major changes to report.

But be sure to let me know if you see anything odd! :nerd_face:


Updated the boards with some bug fixes, plus changed the default home page… :wink:

We are testing what it’s like to have the Latest page as our new home page plus widened the boards a bit.

This should allow us to get into Topics a lot easier/faster with thumbnail previews and endless scroll! :heart:

// Who's Online (Guests Fix)