P!nk - Beautiful Trauma


1. Beautiful Trauma
2. Revenge (feat. Eminem)
3. Whatever You Want
4. What About Us
5. But We Lost It
6. Barbies
7. Where We Go
8. For Now
9. Secrets
10. Better Life
11. I Am Here
12. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
13. You Get My Love

What are your thoughts on the album? What are your favorite songs and which do you hope to be future singles?`


I loved the album, she never fails to disappoint me with her music. It has it’s ballads, but also it’s upbeat tracks. My absolute favorite is I Am Here, especially when it gets to the chorus! Overall such a great album, was NOT disappointed!


This album isn’t her best, but it’s solid and catchy. On first listen, I thought it was pretty stale and tired sounding, but it did eventually grew on me. You Get My Love, Better Life, and For Now are def my favs from it. I bought my ticket to the concert!


Nice! I really wanna see her live next year so I’m gonna definitely get some


Agree with this. Im pumped for the tour!


The album is fucking incredible! And I am pumped to see her again in 2017!


I really liked the album but I think it’s lacking something, I’m obsessed with Where We Go, a complete BOP!


The official music video for “Beautiful Trauma”, starring Channing Tatum, out November 21.


Going to be awesome!


I agree with the common feeling that on first listen there seems to be something missing from this album, but it definitely grows on you.


I was very disappointed after the release and still am a bit. Sure the album isn’t bad and has some nice tracks too, but there is something missing for me which the previous albums had. Maybe it’s too slow for my taste and I miss songs in the style of U + Ur Hand for example

Where we go and Secrets are the standouts on the album


Whatever You Want” goes for adds on 6/04 as the third single.


love it



Still hope Secrets gets released as a single though


YES! I love that song. It was one of my faves to see her perform live this last go’round!


I hope for Secrets too (or Where we go)

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