Paloma Faith - The Architect



Paloma Faith - the Architect

Release Date: Nov. 17th 2017

Track List

  1. Evolution (feat. Samuel L. Jackson)
  2. The Architect
  3. Guilty
  4. Crybaby
  5. I’ll Be Gentle (with John Legend)
  6. Politics of Hope (feat. Owen Jones)
  7. Kings and Queens
  8. Surrender
  9. Warrior
  10. Til I’m Done
  11. Lost and Lonely
  12. Still Around
  13. Pawns (feat. Baby, Nym &Janelle)
  14. WW3
  15. Love Me as I Am

Deluxe Tracks

  1. Power to the Peaceful
  2. Tonight’s Not the Only Night
  3. My Body
  4. Price of Fame

“The Architect is a social observation record. I was adamant that I wouldn’t write about love. I wanted to look outside of myself. I’m coming at politics from the perspective of the common man or woman, observing why people are suffering. Each song on the record is about a different pocket of the socio-political world that I’ve been delving into. I wanted to write something more modern. On previous albums I’ve been more concerned with the past, but now I’m looking forward because of motherhood and wanting to change things for a better future. It’s a marriage of old and new.” - Paloma

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