Album out August 31st!




Never liked his music but My My My and Bloom are great so I am looking forward to the album this time


Album has been pushed back to September 24, 2018, per HITS Daily Double.


Album confirmed to be released on August 31st,
looks like HDD doesn’t know what they’re on about.

1. Seventeen
2. My My My!
3. The Good Side
4. Bloom
5. Postcard featuring Gordi
6. Dance to This featuring Ariana Grande
7. Plum
8. What a Heavenly Way to Die
9. Lucky Strike
10. Animal

Pre-order Bundles: United Kingdom / United States


Thank GOD it’s still coming out August 31!




Sadly they released a new song shortly after the Bloom video (it had no chance to bloom ^^)

I like My My My and Bloom, the song with Ariana is a bit boring though. Typical album track


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