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1. Seventeen
2. My My My!
3. The Good Side
4. Bloom
5. Postcard featuring Gordi
6. Dance to This featuring Ariana Grande
7. Plum
8. What a Heavenly Way to Die
9. Lucky Strike
10. Animal
My My My! | January 1st, 2018
Bloom | May 2nd, 2018
Promotional Singles
The Good Side | January 18th, 2018


It’s quite the juxtaposition to “My My My!” and rather heartbreaking.


New song sounds as if Sufjan Stevens and Björk had a generic baby.


Dear lord. I didn’t think he was gonna be able to top Blue Neighbourhood, but so far I’m already loving these two tracks SOOOOOOO much.


IDK if it’s because I’m SO ATTACHED to Blue Neighbourhood, but I prefer BN to the two new tracks. I know everybody says that the new tracks are so much better (and I do feel like they are a lot more mature) but they just don’t compare to BN to me??? Maybe when I listen to the album as a whole/listen to more songs from the album, I might feel it.


BN seemed more original at the time, it was abit ahead of that phase. this is just recycling music that is already out there. The new song sounds exactly like a diet Sufjan Stevens song. The people who like it probably don’t have a broad range in tastes, so it’s fresh sounding for them.


Or, you know, they do have a wide range of musical preferences and they happen to like “The Good Side” too. Stop with the music snobbery, it’s not cute.


That is so cool. The truth is the truth though. If he was inspired by Sufjan, say so. But don’t act like it’s your thing when someone has been doing it for 20 years already.


Except that he’s not claiming that he’s an innovator of sound at all and it’s more than obvious that he was more than likely inspired by Sufjan’s “Mystery of Love”, if not his older works.


Where’s the dislike button?


Do you enjoy being a complete ass or is this a new development? :thinking:


I’m so ready for this sophomore album, BN holds such a special place in my heart so I’m definitely excited to see what Troye has in store for us, I’m IN LOVE with My My My, gonna need to listen to the new track


I am living for this guy right now, the good side sounds amazing
cannot wait for this album



sounds good


The CGI is giving off a Spice Girls “Viva Forever” vibe.




I’m fucking ready! KING!



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