SC3 (S Club 3) - Family



Tina, Jo, and Bradley have been touring as “SC3” for the past few years and are finally releasing brand new material in the form of a charity single titled “Family”, releasing on iTunes Monday 11 December.

The single was allegedly offered to the band during the 2015 reunion, but Jon, Rachel, Hannah, and Paul did not want to release new music. The song is written by Simon Ellis, who wrote the group’s biggest hits Never Had A Dream Come True and Don’t Stop Movin’.

It is rumored the group with be touring worldwide in 2018, and Rachel Stevens has said she would like the entire group to reunite in 2019 for the band’s 20th anniversary. You can listen to the leaked version below courtesy of the “S Club Series On DVD” Facebook page.


I don’t know if it’s terrible or if it only sounds terrible because of the abysmal quality of that video :persevere:


Anything ever come of this?


They donated all the proceeds of the single sales to charity, and they’re still doing gigs all over the UK, but nothing else.


Ugh… that sucks but the donation is awesome!

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