Shadow of the Tomb Raider (September 14, 2018)



The reboot series has been incredible so far.
I’m really interested to see where they’ll take it with this new game.

Fingers crossed there is no Xbox/Microsoft exclusive again.



It’s about fucking time, honestly. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (rumoured title) is going to be kick-ass! I loved the second game so much; I cannot wait for this! Bring it on, bitches! I know they said they were thinking about this being a trilogy game set, but I am sincerely hoping that they go for a fourth game.

And, if you look: all first letters of each sentence spell out S-H-A-D-O-W!


Nice eye!


I hope she finally grows into a more graceful and refined character, similar to Underworld Lara. I also miss her old gymnastics skills. :coffin:
Gameplay and visuals are obviously better than ever now, but the last reboot hasn’t been as good in terms of storytelling imo.


Can’t wait!


Information about the new game was leaked in the HTML source code, and teaser trailer footage has leaked.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - the climatic finale to Lara’s origin story
Available September 14th 2018 [PS4, Xbox One and PC]


Holy shit my body is fucking ready


Looks fantastic, but hope in “finale” they mean that new games will be developed beyond her origins, because the next generation games are fucking fantastic!


Reveal event on April 27th.


Looks like they’re fully going into the tombs for this one. Hoping this brings a fourth game in 2020!


I can’t fucking wait!!!



Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases tomorrow. Several gameplays have begun to pop-up on YouTube, and they look fucking amazing Eidos clearly should’ve had more involvement since the beginning.

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