🛍 Black Friday 2017 | Deals Are Live Now!


Black Friday is almost upon us girls!
Ya’ll got any plans to go out or will you be shopping online?

Link to the ads can be found here


Black Friday is disgusting and dangerous. I don’t participate… plus, I’m working, anyway!


I’ll probably stick online.


I’m also working (we are offering -20% from clothes, so poor bitches can dress nicely for once) jk


Online! I ain’t getting up at 5am for that mess irl


From 6 am to 1 pm, we have a select sale going on. And, knowing how dumb our customers are, they’ll come in at 4 pm wanting said-sale, and we won’t be honoring it. And then the other sales are our every day sales. I don’t know why we open on Black Friday at all… we don’t make that much money!


hell no. did that a couple of times and its’ not for me. may shop online thanksgiving night after turkey and i have to work on friday.


Good for you, really. We only have mid season sale, havent started the winter sale yet. Also, we never offering discounts from the sale ones. Ands cool some people here are knowing the REAL PAIN what dumb customers can cause LOL.
We have black friday all over the weekend and i know it will be cray.


Walmart, Target, and many other sites deals are live now! :moneybag: :shopping:


I have to run some errands so I’ll probably drop by my favorite stores and see what shirts and crap I can pick up for a good deal.


Avoiding going outside 'til work at 2!


The ads I’ve seen this year are shitty. Unless you want a TV might as well just wait to shop normal sales.


Haven’t seen anything too amazing, but bought some stuff from Paper Source and Philosophy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I only get movies during Black Friday, and I got a few for a fairly decent price this year (Spider-Man Homecoming from $8, Cars 3 for $7, The Big Sick for $8). I never go for anything other than movies though.


Barely fucking survived last night at work. People were beyond rude and unnecessarily pushy. Literally, the first customer I rang out wanted to argue with me about the deal we had going on because they couldn’t bother to properly read the signage, then blamed us for “improper advertising,” yet nothing was improperly signed. You’re just dumb.


The deals this year were mostly shit so I didn’t bother; except for when I had to go out about 11pm for an impromptu errand and people were still being shoved around the movie sales. I love how this holiday brings out the worst in people. :roll_eyes:

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