SIN Classic (Throwback!)



Hey guys, I am sunsetting the old SIN Classic server soon and want’ed to clone and repair it on our new server enough to make it work so I could click through and browse (no interactions, post, like, buy, etc). I was able to move all of our old profile data and some posts with polls (due to an old bug that kept them from pruning, which is amazing.) I wanted to share some screen shots for now and gauge any interest from you in exploring the old SIN Classic.

Also please let me know if there’s anyplace you would like to see again and I can add a few more screenshots.


honestly all i want back is SIN classic


OMG I miss all these:

  1. iconic dark silver timeless background
  2. SIN banners
  3. marketplace (trading and displaying items)
  4. sets / signatures :heart:
  5. chatbox on the bottom (and there was always someone online lol)
  6. old smilies (including : tv : and newer one : bigeyes : a.k.a. :nigeyes: )


So awesome!

// Who's Online (Guests Fix)