So I make music ... sort of


Oh well it is that time of the day were I post something totally random :sweat_smile:

So I actually make music (if you say so). I put on loops together and mix them and also get vocals online for unknown artists and put together a song.

I actually like the process of it all and it is really fun to do, right now I am on a hiatus, because I barley have time to create a full song however I am planning to do so very soon.

I released 4 songs on youtube and they’re also available on soundcloud as well. Tell me guys what do you think, I am open for criticism :grin: just don’t drag my ass lol.

With this song I was inspired by Diplo’s work, it is a bit of minimalist beat nothing way over the top. I am super proud of this song.

This one was inspired by disco music and you will tell once you listen to it very retro-ish vibe to it.

This track is inspired by the 80’s I actually enjoyed doing this one a lot, the vocals are sort of messy but it does add a nice touch to the track

WHEN WILL DISCLOSURE ? HA ! This track I am super proud of, it is garage / dance European vibes going with it


Moved to Boombox :kissing_heart:

I remember listening to some of your older stuff when you posted it on SIN. I’ll have to check out your latest. :clap:


I sneakily listened to Chase You Down, I really like it! I need to check out the rest when I leave work.


I really like the vibe of “I Come Alive” :+1:


Thank you for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it :kissing_heart:


Just finished checking these out, they’re good! I Come Alive is probably my favourite one


Very nice!

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