Spill It Now's 2018 Music Predictions


Seeing that we didn’t have one this year due to the new Spill It Now being under construction, I thought it would be interesting to resurrect it - so we can look back this time next year.

Basically, predict what you think will happen within the music industry next year. This can be anything from album/single releases, award nominations and/or wins, performances, or anything generally related to your favourite artists.

  • Julia Michaels is nominated for Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammy Awards and performs.
  • Tinashe releases new single Me So Bad in January, and follows up with long delayed Joyride album in March.
  • Justin Bieber takes a year off and disappears from the music industry until 2019.
  • Ariana Grande releases around July-September and gets her first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • TRL is cancelled due to low ratings.
  • Liam Payne’s debut album receives positive reviews, strongly compared to early 2000s Justin Timberlake.
  • Justin Timberlake releases new album that has a darker electronic R&B sound unlike previous two. Both lead single and album hit #1 on Hot 100.
  • Selena Gomez is nominated for a Grammy Award. She releases new and very left field album in February/March. Bad Liar and Fetish are on track list, while IAM and Wolves are bonus tracks.
  • The Weeknd releases new album.
  • Eminem struggles to get a Top 10 hit for new album.
  • Fifth Harmony cancels Australian tour and/or disband.
  • Charlie Puth’s new album gets rave reviews.
  • Christina Aguilera releases new album after 6 years.
  • Britney Spears releases new single with controversial video. Both get acclaim.
  • Austin Mahone gives up on music career and gets into acting.
  • Miley Cyrus releases an artistic coffee table book.
  • Selena Gomez, Eminem and A$AP Rocky are three of many 2018 VMAs performers.
  • Another K-pop group (or artist) has some kind of U.S. breakthrough.


Avril Lavigne will release her 6th album, and it will be a “hit” for her.

I’m really hoping in this one.



My prediction is that nothing in the OP will happen :coffin:


I’m thinking 2018 is the year Madonna releases a covers album where she sings the songs she’s always loved. Fever, Heard it through the Gravepine, Between the bars and others.
Gwen breaks up with Blake Shelton and rushes a new breakup album with No Doubt.
And, umh… I don’t know. Lorde does an MTV UNplugged?


I just need Tori Kelly to finally release her sophomore album!! I hope it all works out and she gets the success she deserves, but realistically I just want it released and it could flop at this point, just gimme music


-Nicki releases her long awaited fourth album. Sales are mediocre but it gets critical acclaim and she finally wins a Grammy (at the 2019 Grammy’)


-Nicki releases her long awaited fourth album. Sales are mediocre but it gets critical acclaim and she finally wins a Grammy (at the 2019 Grammy’)

pls no.


Rita Ora releases her 2nd album after 6 years.


Please just no.

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