Stripped 15th Anniversary

Iconic ablum


Dirrty :heart:


This album was and is EVERYTHING!!! I blasted my vinyl on the anniversary and I felt so happy and empowered. Still missing her from the music scene :cry:


I literally had no idea it turned 15 until today. :toilet:

She needs to be relevant again, great album.


Iconic!! I had heard the singles, but didn’t hear the full album until around 2006. Such an amazing, flawless album!


Easily my favourite album from her. It had that urban-rock influence that really shook everyone up. That’s back when she could take her time with an album and deliver solid material. I’m hoping we get a new Christina record in 2018, but I am highly doubting it.


Still one of my most favorite albums to date.
She, totally, grand-slammed it with this one. I hope her next album
turns out to be the spiritual successor of Stripped. I’m so ready for her to return!


probably my fave xtina era. such a badass look.


Childhood memories of pretending to be as sexy as she was during this era :joy: so iconic


Her best album for sure, the way she delivered 15 years ago :cry: where r u Xtina? Please come back.


Sometimes it feels like she never will, and that’s so depressing.
I’m sure she’s happy and content with life, but I’d be so happy to see her have a major comeback!


the most iconic era of all time tbh


Wow. Absolutely crazy to think it’s been 15 years. Such an iconic album.

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