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Madonna – Discussion

Get in those last min suggestions! I will be choosing new additions for December later this week! :clock1030: :santa: :christmas_tree:




Just wait for it :slight_smile:


An idea suggestion. It might be interesting if threads had multiple banners that changed each time they appear in the mosaic?
For example, with the Kpop and Jpop Thread, since the topic covers more than one artist/group, the banner may be of BLACKPINK at one stage, and the next time it appears it’ll be a different artist/group, and so on and so on.
As for threads dedicated to only one artist or group, it would be the same principle but it would just be a different photo of the artist or group.

I know that may be difficult, but I just thought I’d throw the idea out there.


Camila Cabello




I’ll be adding more this week! Get anymore submissions in if you want someone/thing specific featured! :wink:

I’d love to see a Petite Meller image up there :eyes:

I’ll make a discussion thread shortly


IDK her, but that second image is giving me vintage '60s vibes!


Yea! Be sure to come back here and add her topic link and I will add her! :wink:




The thread was made already, and Florence needs to be there, imho.




Does she have a Topic to link to? :thinking:


Does she have a topic to link to as well? :thinking:


4 new submissions added! :raised_hands:

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