System won't delete folder on my Mac

So, my Mac system will not delete a certain folder. It says it is “in-use,” yet it isn’t. It became corrupt when files were secretly saved, and, hidden in the folder, and since then, I haven’t been able to delete it. I’ve tried to force delete it using the Command Pad, but even that is not working. Anyone able to help?


I’ve never heard that before, but there is such thing as a Safe Mode on your Mac that might allow you to delete it. You can start up the Mac and hold the Shift key to get into Safe Mode.

More Info on Safe Mode -


I will have to look into it; thank you! I don’t know what happened to the folder in the first place… but, am hoping this might work!


Any luck? :sunny:


No. It still won’t delete, unfortunately.


Aw bummer… That folder is too stubborn. :confused:


I’m pretty it’s locked in. A few weeks ago my EHD kind of just froze up and I couldn’t access anything on it, yet, was saving files into it. Now, those files are M.I.A., and yet, when I try to save with the file name, it says it’s “in use,” so I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of fuck up with the drive from that little blip.

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