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As a major fan of the Zelda game franchise, the newest installment is one of my favourites since The Wind Waker from years ago. The open-world style is a first for the game series, and it has quickly taken up much of my free time since its release in 2016.

This thread is a collection of all the design assets I have accumulated having to do with the game.
All transparent files except for the character portraits also come with .SVG scaleable files.

Scripts and handwriting from various games in the Zelda series. The two used in Breath of the Wild are “Hylian” and “Sheikah Script”. There are 8 other fonts included from other games.

The folder can be found here

These transparent PNG files were used in in-game, press releases, posters and websites. There are 3 of Link and individuals of Mipha, Urbosa, Revali, Daruk, a Guardian, a Bokoblin, Princess Zelda, and the photo that appears when the DLC is purchased for the game.

The folder can be found here

These are used in-game. They come from the game’s map, the Sheikah Slate, and the Scope. There are icons for shrines, towers, village buildings, stables, horses, and even one for Link’s position on the map.

The folder can be found here

Pretty straight forward, these are the logos found in all official merchandise for Breath of the Wild, direct from Nintendo.

The folder can be found here

This is a collection of HD wallpapers and screencaps from the game. 2 of these are UHD.

The folder can be found here

This folder has everything else that didn’t fit into the other categories; it has the background from the map, and a couple Sheikah Eye depictions.

The folder can be found here

These are patterns from Link’s clothing, like the Champion’s Tunic and the Hylian Hood.

The folder can be found here

You can find the entire pack .ZIP folder here



Thanks! I just got my Switch and I’m about to immerse myself into Zelda so this is exciting.


holy shit this is great!
Thank you so much for these!!!


I just updated the OP with new patterns from the game, happy you guys enjoy it! :purple_heart:

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