What countries have you been to / want to visit?


Simple. Name the countries you’ve travelled to and ones you’d like to visit in the future.

I’ve been to: Australia (I live here), Cyprus, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, UK and USA.

I’d like to go to: Japan and South Korea again, Canada, Egypt, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru.


I lived in Iraq (5 years), Jordan (18 years), Bahrain (2 years), Lebanon (1 year), Ukraine (1 year) and currently living in Turkey Istanbul (5 months).

I’ve visited Syria, Egypt, Russia as well




I’ve been to Mexico, Ireland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay. I’m going to Australia in a few weeks.

The next big countries on my list are Greece, Iceland, and Peru.


Where in Australia are you going to?


I live in Malta. Been to UK, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Tunisia, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy & Gozo

I REALLY wanna visit: NY, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Rio & Stockholm


I’m gonna be in Sydney for 3 days. I’m still trying to plan out exactly what I wanna do, so I’ll take any tips! lol


I was fortunate enough to visit USA, UK, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates and Denmark,
On a sidenote, i live in Germany.

Cuba, Havana is on my bucket list tho


I’ve never gone out of the country. Hell, I’ve never been on a damn plane. Would love to visit London some day! Or even fly across the country!

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