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Anyone on SIN play The Sims 4?


Yea, haven’t played in a while though… :confused:

I really want to get the new Pets Expansion… :dog2: :cat2:


Well, Origin has the base game and its expansion packs available for 75% off the original price through tomorrow morning, and I’ve always struggled with the thought of purchasing the game.

Last time I played, it was The Sims 3, and around the time I installed it, my computer ultimately shit the bed (though, I did update McAfee around the same time, so I believed the two to be linked). I believed it to be the graphics card, because I couldn’t access SIN or YouTube-type websites for any reason, or else my system would freeze and the screen would popcorn. Ultimately, bought a MAC and haven’t had said-issue… though, I worry installing would make this system shit the bed… and I’m not dishing out $3,000 again for a new system.

Plus, I don’t know anything about Origin, so I’m wondering if it is safe and reliable? And, if so, should I buy it and its expansions/stuff packs? I know Pets came with a lot of glitches that made gameplay difficult, and if you had custom content, it made it not work!


last night I cried into a bowl of Blueberry Cobbler while watching your name.

please watch the movie!


Is your love enough?
Come on make me believe it
Is your love enough? Oh
Can you keep me up, all the way through the evening?
Is your love enough? Oh

:dancer:t2: :dancer:t2: :dancer:t2: :dancer:t2: :dancer:t2: :dancer:t2:


Wow, 75% off! I’d take advantage of that! I have a Mac also and haven’t had any trouble with it, the games run great! I have the City Living, Get Together and Get To Work Expansion Packs so far. Wish they put Cats & Dogs on sale…

Oh Origin is great, it allows you to add your games to your account and download them whenever you want! It’s always updating which is annoying but I love how it keeps them all organized!


I think they kept Cats & Dogs at full price since it just came out. I ended up purchasing everything that was discounted, but have held off on installing, because I still have [some] qualms about installing it and my system crashing, etc.

Yeah. Origin seems cool! And it seems a bit more reliable than buying the disc, etc.


has anyone played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?? It’s super addicting.


I did, but not that much yet. What I like is the way it looks like. Improvement to the 3DS game again.


I’m struggling lately with my dad, he still treat me like a child and he still feels the need to tell me what to do and give his opinion when no one really asked him for any.

I get it that it is an act for caring but he is getting on my last nerve. I’m trying to build up my own life yet he still wants to interfere with everything I do and I’m like just give me some space I know what I’m doing.

I love my family but I just cannot cope anymore with this at all.


Scared AF about these fires. My friend lives in Los Angeles and I don’t know what’s going on! I know he’s usually busy with work during the weekdays, but I’m worried about him not reaching out. Normally he does.


Been waking up at 8 AM these past few days, due to late working night. And now my boss wants me in at 8 AM. Haha. I’ma try, home slice! May passout… but fuck it!


Mariah… honey… this is even worse than last year. Hang it up, darling.


Yay, for 4 day work week! :blush:


Lucky fucker. Still a five-day work week for me, unfortunately.


So, yay for a three-day weekend. But BOO to my glasses snapping this morning. No one is open 'til Tuesday, and I have inventory on Tuesday at work. No way glasses can be made by then… especially since I don’t have a script. I’m fucked.


This Is Me from The Greatest Showman really makes me tear up. I love it so much :disappointed_relieved::heart_eyes:


… How does my friend go from dating one guy and being in a “serious” relationship, and now she’s dating someone else … this is, like, her fifth or sixth boyfriend in a year. Like, wtf. Homegirl, slow the fuck down.


I would not have so many boyfriends in my whole life haha xD


It’s baffling to me; she says she’s so “in love” with this guy, and now she’s onto the next one. She’s barely stayed single for more than a minute since ending her last long term relationship, all because she strayed from it. I love her, but she’s not the brightest tool in the shed. And I’ve told her so on multiple occasions.

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