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Seeing that Latin influenced music has made a resurgence (Despacito, Wild Thoughts, Mi Gente, Havana/Camila), I’m gonna need Enrique Iglesias to take advantage of it and make an English music comeback.


snatched a ticket for Britney’s tour, can’t wait to see her for the first time! :heart_eyes:






I am going to try this morning. No clue how it’ll go!


did you get your ticket?


They were sold out before I could even try, and the resale is too fucking high.


Slay, mama!


Why don’t you just meet me in the MIDDLE?! :headphones: :heart:


Sally Field trying to set her son up with someone is fucking adorable, and I stan it hard!


Well, she’s onto the next boyfriend… wtf!


She is really fast then with boyfriends xD


I think she has a serious fear of being alone.


Jalapeño Lime chips are so good.


I’m craving Pizza Rolls… :yum:


Haha. I’m craving so much, and have zero in my house… so I had cranberry sauce, lol!


Mmmm cranberry sauce sounds good… I’m ready for comfort food! I haven’t had that or stuffing since last fall!


I don’t do stuffing, but cranberry? Yes. Sign me up! I have an extra can, lol. I’m dying for turkey and mashed!


Turkey Coma! :turkey:


Anyone roast their Pumpkin seeds after carving their pumpkins?! So good! :jack_o_lantern:

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