Where is Xtina on the banner? [Answered]



I used to be an active member years ago Lol cannot remmeber my username or email I signed up with ): but its cool.
Two questions: how the fuck youve got Jessica fucking Simpson and Nicole Sherziufnger and not Chrisitna Aguilera on the banner? :skull: Actually, I hardly recognize half of the “artists” on it and … is there still a VIP download section like there used to be back in the day? I know Liberation already leaked and :cry:


Welcome back! We still have Happy New Year on the banner so… :no_mouth:
Also there’s no downloads section anymore.


Oh I did not notice the Happy New Year xD

welcome ^^


Sorry, the new year banner was removed last month. :fireworks:

As for the rest of the artists, they were submitted by other members to be in the banner and there is a thread where you can submit your own, I will be adding more this week if you want to see other artists up there.


Xtina finally has a spot in the header… :kiss:

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