Where's Coverlandia?


omg why is Coverlandia gone? I loved using it sfm where’d it go



seriously tho i LOVED it the website needs to come back


I tried to contact the owner, he is my friend on facebook. But he never responded to me


are there any similar sites?


YES - one of the main reasons I came back here!


Wow, that’s so sad it’s gone! I had some covers there myself… :cry:

Hopefully we can all start posting custom covers again in the #photo:album-artwork section! I’ve been wanting to create some new covers soon…


Yeah, I hope it comes back


This is like the fourth time in the past few years it’s been let to die, shame though because it was a really good idea in my eyes :pensive:


My main issue with that website is that it was boasted to favourite certain creators and certain artworks. That was its downfall.

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