Years & Years - Palo Santo (July 6th, 2018)

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Standard Edition
1. Sanctify
2. Hallelujah
3. All for You
4. Karma
5. Hypnotised
6. Rendezvous
7. If You’re over Me
8. Preacher
9. Lucky Escape
10. Palo Santo
11. Here (Interlude)
Deluxe Edition
12. Howl
13. Don’t Panic
14. Up in Flames
Sanctify | March 7th, 2018
If You’re over Me | May 10th, 2018


I hope we get multiple MNEK productions on this album or even a feature!


Olly recently stated during a BBC R1 event that new music is coming in a few weeks. :raised_hands:


I liked the first one somehow so maybe some more new songs will come


I’ve waited so long for this! It’s long overdue.


Their debut was rather meh for me but low-key looking forward to see what they do with this one.


I’m so thirsty for new music!


oh my god thank god! I’ve been waiting for new material from them!


Coming soon!


I’m loving the new logo!


the new logo is HELLA sleek omfg




For some reason I’m struggling to get into them. The album cover is nice though.




If You’re over Me is out now!


based on the two songs we’ve got so far my excitement rn is lit 0



That thumbnail…


Not a fan of the second song but I am still interested in the new album :slight_smile:

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