YouTube Music Help?



EDIT: It seems deleting and re-uploading the untagged songs worked to get the site to pick the tags up correctly. Not sure why bit its fixed!

Does anyone else use this streaming/upload platform? I was using Google Play Music with my Google Pixel, and a whileback they transferred all GPM users to YouTube Music - Along with all our libraries.

I do have one question though.

Im reworking and editing a few uploaded albums i had done, and a few songs are uploading without an artist name. the artwork and album tags work, but the artist name doesnt seem to be attached to them. Is there any explanation for this? I’ve trued tagging them properly in itunes and it seems to follow the tags i put there, but the non-official album tracks i’ve added to the end of Chromatica for example don’t come in with Gaga’s name attached. It’s incredibly wierd. it looks like this:

the artist name doesn’t come in with certain ones. The ROM and SC remixes arent official either, but they pulled in the artist name and i cant figure out why the other ones didnt.

anyone ever experience anything like this? how did you figure it out?

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