Glad to be back!


Oh hey, it’s me Travis. My last username on the old SIN was Hotter Than Hell. I’m sure most of you won’t know/remember me because I was not super active (especially near the end of the old version). But hello anyway, I am back and really loving the new look! Definitely should’ve posted this the other day when I first re-joined, but :woman_shrugging:

Gonna try and get more active on here and really get into some fun with you all~


WB Travis! I remember seeing you around for sure, glad you’re back and going to be more active again! :hugs:


Welcome back Travis! :heart:


Welcome back!!


Welcome back, Travis! Glad you’ve decided to re-join us!


Welcome back Travis :slight_smile:


Thank you all so much!! :two_hearts:


Welcome back Travis!

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