Hi everyone! It's me!


Hi everyone! Scott here. I was active on the previous SIN, and cannot wait to come back and become active once more! I did enjoy the previous SIN layout, but it was lagging a wee bit, so it’ll be awesome to see SIN grow back into what it once was.

Also, October 4, 2017, marked my ten-year anniversary at SIN. One of the O.G. four members, with Kevin and Timmy (I think his name was), along with Eric. So it’s nice to celebrate my ten year with coming back to Spill It Now!


Welcome back! I remember you were the dude with sets filled with thirst traps :joy:


Would not necessarily call them “thirst traps,” as there were thirstier sets, but yep, that’s moi! The O.G. of SIN!

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