It is I, the Mawnster


Why hello eeeeeeeeeveryone!

My name is Mawnster, although you can call me Mawn, Mon, or Leire (which, is my real name).
I come from Spain and I turned 24 this year… -cries in Spanish-

I was invited by a nerd (jk, I love you Ryan) who loves music as much as I do. I am very open-minded so I basically listen to almost every genre. I like indie, reggae, rock, pop… But I guess what I’m most into these days is K-Pop, RnB, Chill / Synthwave and Western pop.

This forum looks fantastic, by the way. Very aesthetically pleasing! Glad to be here and meet you all.

I tried to look for a gif of someone blowing a kiss, but most of them were highly sexual, so let’s just leave it at that…


ʜɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪɪ ᴍᴀᴡɴ!!!


Welcome Mawn :joy:




I’m suspending you for using a JYP gif omfg


Excuse me, that’s the funniest JYP gif, tsk.




Welcome to SIN!


Welcome to SIN Mawn! :hugs:


Welcome Mawn! You’ve already had quite an eventful first day here, but I hope you love it as much as we all do! :joy:


That I did, Stan! Hahahahaha.

Hi everyone! :smile:


I will call ya BOB


Welcome to SIN :nerd_face:


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