Kylie Minogue - Golden (April 6, 2018)


Kylie confirmed that the album is out in April, which seems silly considering it was originally planned for March 2nd. That and BMG had the album on a file box so several people already have it. I imagine it’ll leak before.


Album cover?


Mess that it’s coming in April; they should’ve kept it for 2 March 2018. I’ll update the OP before I head into work, or tomorrow at the latest!


I’d be okay with it, but it wouldn’t be my favourite from her, and she could’ve done better.


Deluxe edition tracks:

  1. Lost Without You
  2. Every Little Part of Me
  3. Rollin’
  4. Low Blow


I don’t really hate the lead single, but it’s definitely not her strongest. It could slay around Spring/Summertime though.


That cover… I’m appalled.


I feel like I jinxed her when I said her album covers are always nice … the fuck is this mess :thinking:


this should’ve been the album cover tbh


It probably is going to do well in Australia since it’s currently Summer here.


This image is great but I still hate the colouring. It’s less “Golden” and more yellow


“Rollin” is the “Dancing” b-side according to her webstore. B-sides are truly dead.


But new Kylie music is always welcomed!


I just dont like the font.


SO SO SO Excited, LOVE ‘Dancing’… :heart:


i dont really feel dancing.


Does anyone have any links to Kylie’s press site for the album? I need some UHQ pics from this shoot asap! :wink:


Golden - Photo Shoot

Click on image above, and you’ll be redirected to the press images available from the Golden shoot, courtesy of BMG.


The link above now includes additional promotional images for Golden.


YAS! Thanks!

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