Kylie Minogue - Golden (April 6, 2018)



It is nice … I guess, not sure how I feel about this album anymore


No one comes to Kylie for lukewarm country bumpkin music.

Everything is a mess this era; the photoshoot, the artwork, the mastering of the tracks (especially this, both “Dancing” and “Stop Me from Falling” sound like 64kbps radio rips), etc. I think I’ve come to terms that she reached her peak with Aphrodite and she’s hit a creative slump.


Here’s more press images!

Also, I’ve decided that it’s really not the material that I’m not a massive fan of—it’s the horrendous mastering. The verses of both singles are serviceable, I guess, but the amount of compression, distortion and clipping on the choruses is a gross oversight. “Dancing” came on in the club last night and it was so muddy. Hopefully the vinyl or high res versions have more dynamic range.


The first music video for “Stop Me from Falling” has been added to the OP; “Raining Glitter” has been issued as the first promotional single from Golden.



The album is out there curtesy of her webstore sending out orders early.

There’s probably an EP worth of tracks I may or may not keep. I really didn’t think it could get worse than Kiss Me Once, but I guess she proved me wrong on that one. It’s nice that she’s happy with her output and life, but everything this era has been so subpar and it’s depressing to see someone that used to put out such quality music get it so, so wrong for two consecutive eras.


I love Kylie but this must be her worst album (I am not very familiar with the first two albums, but they had good singles so they must be better than this one too). I am shocked at how this album turned out. Kylie was one of the last artists I had high hopes for the music, but this is so disappointing. I don’t know what to say, I waited four years for this :frowning:


I wanted to listene to this, but after what you guys wrote I’m not sure anymore LOL


Oh Kyle…


I don’t get the hate the album is getting. I am in-love with it.


I mean, if countrified pop that’s been produced by someone that lacks the ear to mesh multiple layers of production together in a fashion that doesn’t produce clipping and distortion beyond belief (Sky Adams) is your thing, then good for you. Negative opinions really shouldn’t affect how you perceive an album if you enjoy it yourself. :man_shrugging:

1. Golden
2. Sincerely Yours
3. Shelby '68
4. Raining Glitter
5. Lost Without You

I’m keeping those. Y’all can keep the rest.


Going to check this album today :nerd_face:


After the first listen, I decided to keep only 12 tracks out of 16 which is good. In that case I am actually here for this album.

1- Dancing: At the first listen when this came out I actually liked it, it has a messy production but overall it is a fun track.
2- Stop me from falling: I first hated this when it came out. After listening to it more, it started to grow on me and the message behind it is just uplifting.
3- Golden: It is a nice track, again great message within the context of this song. Production is similar to the first two tracks and this made me happy because I can tell that this is a cohesive album overall and I am here for it.
4- A lifetime to repair: Again going personal (living for it btw) great track, I can relate to the context of the lyrics. Queen Kylie is serving realness.
5- Sincerely Yours: MY FAVORITE track so far, why wasn’t this the first single :sob: I did hate the bridge though I wanted it to stay mellow the whole song. But overall I love this track.
6- Live a little: Reminds me of Shania Twain song, it is a lovely track. Again love the lyrics and the production in this song is really good. Should be a single as well.
7- Shelby 68: Love this track, reminds me of her IP album a bit, which I am here for.
8- Raining glitter: THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SINGLE AS WELL … reminds me of Fever era a bit with a touch of IP. SLAY.
9- Lost without you:

I’m gonna be afraid I fall
Gonna let my makeup run
See every sunrise
Facing up to all my fears
Gonna find a way out of here
We’re all glitter and tears in the moonlight

This song is just … wow. Speechless tbh. I am loving every bit of it.
10- Every little part of me: Another healing track by the Queen Kylie, she is really unapologetic in this album. This song is flawless, empowering and I’ve never seen this part of Kylie for a long time now. And the production is awesome on this track, another track that should’ve been the first single.
11- Rollin: Dancing V.2, cool track nothing that special though but I like it. I do like the chorus a lot.
12- Low blow: A very funky track, great for sing-along and karaoke as well. Dukes of hazzard came into my mind while listening to this track.

Overall, the album is solid. May not be your cup of tea, but Kylie serves in it and in a good way.
This album is way much better than Kiss Me Once, it has a cohesive sound and if you’re into such albums, check it out.


The album grew on me, shame on me :x I still think mostof her albums are much better but I still enjoy many songs from it right now. But not all, Radio On for example is a weak song for me.


I keep going back to this in-between listens of other albums in attempts to like it because it’s Kylie and it’s just not clicking. :toilet:

She’s doing quite well chart wise in the UK. She’s currently at 37.5k in the midweeks, although I guess when you have a million different formats stans will eat up, I guess that’s not too difficult of a number to accomplish. It’s already bested Kiss Me Once’s 29,251 first week.


Golden as debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart with combined sales of 48,000.


It debuted at number one in Australia too.

I still don’t care for the album, but I’m happy for her.



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