New (not really) member here!


Hello! I don’t know if someone from here remembers me since i haven’t been active in this type of forums for years but i’m Darko! Idk how this place looks like rn,but since i’m a new member i don’t have access to everything,so just wanted to say Hi! and can someone dm me and tell me what’s new here? Ly all and thanks :heart_eyes:

I vaguely remember the name Darko at some point; my memory just sucks! Anyway, welcome back to SIN! Cannot wait to see you around here in 2019!


Thanks for having me around hahahha I hope i can contribute something on here this year! I was active a lot 2013-2015 but disappeared after. I used to love the design section, I’ve made design packs and researched a lot of photoshoots in my previous days on here!

OMFG! NOW I REMEMBER! Yass! Darko, welcome back! Haha. My memory is working right now! I remember; I loved your work in the D.C. with your design packs (some of which I believe I still have pieces of). Hope to see you around this year!


Welcome back :slight_smile:

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