RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3 [VH1] Thursdays 8/7c


VH1 announced that they would air a third season of the series in early 2018.

On October 13, 2017, it was announced that a one-hour televised special, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Exclusive Queen RuVeal, would air on October 20, 2017, announcing the upcoming seasons returning contestants. The nine contestants that will be competing on the upcoming third season of All Stars consist of Aja, BenDeLaCreme, Chi Chi Devayne, Kennedy Davenport, Milk, Morgan McMichaels, Shangela, Thorgy Thor and Trixie Mattel.

Who’s ready for this mess? :raising_hand_man:


Trixie better win or I’ll lose my mind. Def wanna see Trixie and DeLa in the top 2, DeLa was one of my favs since the beginning and Trixie has won my heart after the show!


This is gonna be awesome!


This, she should have won the lip sync against pearl IMO, but all will be forgiven if she wins :joy:


She really did beat Pearl but I ain’t mad Pearl stayed over Trixie. Pearl’s drag was more polished than Trixie’s at the time imo, the only difference was that Trixie’s personality was TV friendly and Pearl’s wasn’t.

I’m sure Trixie is gonna kill it this time and it’s either between her or Shangela for the crown. I’m curious and rooting for my S6 fave, Milk and I want to see how much Morgan has grown, hopefully the show elevates her popularity like the show did last year for Tatianna. :heart:






I’m so excited for AS3! I feel like the cast is kind of weak but I’m still rooting for so many of them. Trixie, Shangela, Ben, Milk and Aja are the ones I’m most excited to see. January can’t come soon enough!


Rooting for Trixie and Milk!
The excitement is REAL.


I’m so ready for this season.
I’d love to see either Trixie or Trixie take the crown.
Yeah, I know I said Trixie twice but the bitch came back in season 7 already so we know she’s got two lives.
Also, Milk’s smoking hot hotness and drag is gonna give me LIFE <3


im here for aja


I wonder who the 10th queen is? :question: I know the reddit freaks already know but I’m still in the dark and that makes me excited as hell (no spoilers, please).

At first glance, the cast does seem pretty weak but then you look at it again and these ladies are pretty good at what they do.

And I’m SO HERE for all this Milk love! :milk_glass: Hopefully she stays for a while.


I just learned that they’re releasing Funko Pops of RPDR next month! :open_mouth:


YAAAAAS! :dancer:



Trixie is the clear star of the trailer!! slay mama


2 weeks!!! :scream:


so what is the exact date?


ITS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. Also, where is the supertrailer?! It should be out at this point if we go by previous seasons…

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