Welcome to SIN!



…new and returning SINers to the best place online over the last 10 years to discuss Music, Art & Pop Culture! We really want to make sure this is a best place online for us all to continue to spill what you got (feedback, likes, art, photos, life events, news, etc…) and SIN a little if you know what I mean… :smiling_imp:

So join in and introduce yourself in the all-new #spill-it-now:welcome-center, chat, share, enjoy, SIN! :heart: :hugs:

About "Welcome Center"

I am really liking this so far!! The Revival of SIN is actually coming!! :smiley: :heart:


I’ve gotta say I like this a lot more than the previous update. Excited to see how it turns out!


Yay, I was getting used to live without SIN but I’m glad it’s finally coming back!


Very, very happy that SIN is coming back! Kind of sucks that we had to re-register our accounts, but if that’s how it must be done, then that’s how it must be done!



Omg I was wondering why my old credentials weren’t working :joy: Glad this forum is back!


Welcome back!!!

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