What exactly happened?


My brain can’t even start processing this. i’m like wtf happened to this beloved forum, there is like little to no activity on here whatsoever. the daily life section became, it seems like, a monthly life section. people don’t care, people dont comment, people don’t really try. I haven’t been around for 2 years or so but i was one of the few old members and it saddens me to the bones to see this tragedy sin has become. Does the lolene section even exist anymore? dont get me wrong, that was never my main desire as to why i logged on to SIN in the past, it was the communty, the bitching, the caring and the sharing, the discussing, enjoying pop culture together.

Are JR, Borna, Detti, Alex, Fatlum, etc even around anymore? AND my bitch, i actually forgot his Name, the one with the bjork fetish. if they are, send them my best regards.



The site went down a few years ago due to outdated forum software. Eric revamped it to 2.0 which ended up fizzling out because he couldn’t be assed and the layout wasn’t very user friendly. Now we’re onto 3.0 and not much has changed. The forum has maybe ten active members.

As for the users you’re asking about:
Jr: @Moonshine
Borna: @Devotion
Alex: @Alex
Luis the Björk stan: @Narrow
Detti was banned a long time ago, she never came back with 3.0; same with Fatlum.


Vergiss es Olli, du verpasst hier definitiv nichts.


I figured.



I honestly have no idea whatsoever. I have not heard anything basically since November of 2017.


We’re kinda getting used to really long periods of silence at this point. :neutral_face:


That, alone, is troubling to me. How can you not be in contact with your own boss, a.k.a. the admin of this forum? Seems like bad and unprofessional business. #SorryNotSorry


tbh. i honestly check sin like every 2-3 weeks or so


Same here I miss the old buzz. I don’t even update my Avril Lavigne topic because I know nobody is here to even post a hate comment so just a waste of time.


I don’t disagree, but in the end the ball’s really in Eric’s court. I’m still online daily, but for much less time than I used to be and usually now just to check updates in the KPop/JPop thread. :confused:


Oh, trust me, I’m aware that it falls on Eric’s shoulders. It’s just disappointing that it’s all come to this; don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the smaller community we are, but hate that there’s no direction, either.


tbh. i only really check chatbox from time to time


Remember the first big crash the site faced years ago and like half the members returned and it was just not the same and then we got some random ass noobs who were such odd trolls, remember A Dollhouse?! Or that one Ross Lynch obsessed foo lol


Haha. That was horrible… and I know the member you’re talking about; the one that kept coming back, and we kept finding out about, and they’d deny being them. Desperate little twit.


I think it’s purely a combination of the 2-3 year long site revamp and also a changing of the times. Majority of the active members during the site’s beginning and peak were teenagers or young adults, and since then we’ve grown up and have moved on to different chapters in our lives. People’s priorities change.



#justicefordetti #bringbackpercy #buylotusonitunes


yeah I miss the old SIN and spending hours on the chatbox peddling Lotus iTunes links. the forum was completely down for an entire year, so by then everyone had moved onto other forums like ATRL or either quit visiting forums altogether. love u @costars


matty boo, glad to hear from u. u’ll always have a special place in my heart. <3

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