What exactly happened?


I miss comments like this :laughing:


Hi Olli :blush: :hugs:


omg my iconic hashtag
I’m sobbing imagining how iconic #BuyLiberationOniTunesAndStreamItOnSpotify would’ve been


It’s just not this anymore :cry:


OMFG. This site fucking died. :frowning:


I seriously miss this forum & community itself. It used to be so much fun back in the day.
What a shame… :disappointed_relieved:


It is very sad. Wish there were an alt. SIN board of some kind!


It is just lack of promo really, most of the old members sort of moved on either to other websites or just became busy with life I guess.


They probably went to ATRL or PHF!


The problem is that the break took so extremely long, at first I checked often if the forum is back and then less and less till I suddenly saw it’s back. Maybe the problem also is that nobody got notified that the forum is back and that everything was new and you had to start from the beginning.


I think most use Church of Pop now, i’ve seen several of the old SINers on there (from back in the day)




Never heard of CoP. I know of FotP and PHF!


I miss the old SIN tbh. I wish he would have just kept the old theme. I don’t care if it was dated, it was easy to use and looked nice.


Eric killed it instead of revamping it. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to do that. I used to literally visit it so many times a day now I just don’t care anymore.


remember that basic bitch stuffit (wesley) who used to post under a pseudo “perhapsoneup” and many others and just repost gifs of cheryl cole??!

what a ho bag! but it is i. no one remembers me. i didnt talk much. i have returned from the dead like 6 yrs after i was banned. college and real life happened.

what happened to percy? the guy with the poop fetish? and detti was the hungarian girl right? what about lee? or the bisexual guy who percy was always trying to fuck? alex i believe. or the guy who always used to post this gif

i miss that bitch. and i miss all those loner years where i would hop onto sin and just chat and shoot the shit with people ive never met in person.

oh wellz. i was shocked to see this forum so dead.


I was creating a site called Retro SIN that looked and behaved JUST like the old one. Was seeking to have Eric’s blessing as well, since this place seemed to have tanked. Had even recreated the stores and everything and paid for the hosting as well. Literally put a LOT of work into it.

Then Eric said he was coming back and the last changes started happening, so I thought that SIN was back… that there was no need to finish my forum. So I deleted it.


Damn. That sucks. Shame you can’t resurrect Retro SIN. That would be iconic!


Yeah. It was right when everyone thought that the site was expiring, and we thought Eric might not renew it. So, there was sort of a “count down.” Was hoping to get it up right before it ended so I could announce it and get as many original members there that I could.

I worry now that too much time has passed and that not enough of the original members are left for it to even succeed.


Yeah. That’s a shame, though, because that would have been iconic and awesome to continue on.

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